These are companies who’s products I either use myself or have researched and highly recommend.

Nutra Organics and Superfoods for Kidz

I love and regularly use these powders and bars for myself and my family. They also have a great pantry range with coconut flour, coconut oil and many other staples and some delicious protein powders.



Quirky Cooking Cookbooks

No words necessary, the title says it all!

Life-Changing Food
Small Steps to Fermenting

Lisa Corduff and her husband Nick have put together this great online course to teach you everything you need to know about fermenting food and drinks easily in your own home.


Nourishing Hub

I adore the products at Nourishing Hub. There is a range of health and lifestyle products to nourish you and your family. This is a perfect place to find gifts for new babies and for your friends and loved ones.


Biome Eco Store

Biome has a huge range of eco friendly, non toxic products for your every need!


Happy Tummies

A great range of natural, organic and allergy friendly foods.

Happy Tummies Pty Ltd


Shop Naturally

A huge range of natural products from food, health care, make up, skin care, hair care and dental care to household products, kitchenware, water bottles and lunch boxes.



Beautiful Because

Gorgeous and affordable natural, sustainable, cruelty-free beauty products.


The Raw Food Store

A huge range of wholefoods and fantastic products including spiralisers, dehydrators, water filters, kids products and more.


Twenty 8

Pure essential oils and a gorgeous range of affordable, organic, aromatherapy based natural skincare.


The Holistic Ingredient

3 gorgeous, wholefood ebooks: A Nourishing Kitchen, A Nourishing Morning and Nourishing Kids.

All gluten, additive and refined sugar free. The kids book is also nut free.



Effortless Eco

A lovely range of organic, natural and healthy products for you, your children and your home.


Changing Habits

The amazing Cyndi O’Meara has a range of books and programs to help you change your life.

Changing Habits



These are companies that I am affiliated with. That means that if you make a purchase by clicking through these links, you pay the same price and I receive a small commission. This helps with the cost of blogging and creating new recipes. I only join with companies who’s ethics and products I believe in 100%. If you have any queries about this please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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