Product Review: Jura A9 Impressa One-Touch Coffee Machine

One of the really cool things about this blogging business is that I get the opportunity to try products that I may never otherwise have tried. So when I spoke to the lovely people at Jura about my hate of coffee pods, my love of organic, fairtrade coffee and the fact that I had never used a coffee machine they were kind enough to loan me one to test out and review.

Prior to this we were making coffee using a plunger and were very happy with that method. I was trying to cut down on spending money on buying coffees and it is quite hard to find cafes that have a brand of almond milk or coconut milk that I am happy to drink anyway. Hubby and I aren’t big on spending money on gadgets and machines so we were pretty convinced that we would give the coffee machine a little try and then happily return to our $10 coffee plunger. Hmm…

We have been testing out the Jura A9 Impressa One-Touch. It is able to fit into our kitchen without taking up too much of our limited bench space and is a nice black and stainless steel look. Hubby was initially overwhelmed by the new gadget and kept using the plunger but after a quick demo from me he was on to it. The kids have also taken a liking to it and have been asking for frothy milk several times a day.


  • This machine is super easy to use. I am still discovering new things that it can do but the basic functions are so simple that even my 8 year old can use it. You literally put your mug under the spout and press a button.
  • It uses whole coffee beans so there is no environmental impact from coffee pods and the beans are ground fresh as you make your coffee. You do also have the option of using ground coffee and I have managed to make a few Crio Brus in it although I prefer the plunger flavour for these.
  • It has the options for several different types of coffee including espresso, ristretto, cappuccino and latte.
  • It froths the milk for you and adds it as it makes the coffee. Too easy.
  • It takes less than a minute to make a coffee. I made a latte in my keep cup one morning in less time than it took me to do my daughter’s hair in a ponytail. Huge bonus for those rushed mornings where you are running on not enough sleep.
  • You can make 2 cups at the same time.
  • It operates by a touch screen that needs only one button pressed and it tells you when you need to refill the water or beans, empty the drip tray or coffee grounds.
  • It cleans itself – yep! Loving this SO much!
  • You can adjust the amounts of milk and coffee to your liking.
  • It can make a plain frothy milk (or just a cup of hot water too) which is awesome for the kids. We have been adding a spoon of raw cacao in the bottom of a mug and adding frothy milk to make them hot chocolate.
  • You have 100% control over the coffee that you drink. For me that is organic and fair trade which is more important than the actual brand.
  • It frothed my homemade almond or coconut milk perfectly and was just as good with the oat milk than hubby and the kids like to drink.
  • According to the Jura website this machine rates well in energy efficiency.
  • The coffee grounds make way better coffee body scrub than the ones from the plunger. You can also compost them if homemade scrub is not your thing!


  • I takes up more bench space than a plunger and has meant a bit of kitchen rearranging was necessary.
  • It is so easy to make a coffee that our intake has increased, particularly hubby’s who has taken a real shine to this machine. Not great when you are trying to limit your coffee intake.
  • We have gone through loads of oat milk making the kids frothy milk and I have had to make several more batches of almond or coconut milk for myself.
  • I haven’t always successfully managed to use the ground coffee option so have ended up with a couple of coffees when I wanted Crio Bru. I am thinking this is more of an operator issue as it worked beautifully sometimes.


This machine has a RRP of $1,990 so it isn’t cheap. Initially I thought that it was way too much to pay but then I worked out that if you pay $3.50 for one coffee a day this would be paid off in under a year and a half. If there is more than one of you buying coffee, if you buy more than one a day, or like me, your coffees cost way more than $3.50 (thanks to your location or need for non-dairy milk) then it actually works out to be a worthwhile purchase.


So, what happened when we had to give it back the week before Christmas? It was time to go and tell Santa what a good girl I had been 😉



20 thoughts on “Product Review: Jura A9 Impressa One-Touch Coffee Machine”

  1. Hey there Monique, I haven’t really got my hands on this Impressa but I guess I should after reading your review. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work here.


  2. Well, I should say you made a great job! I am heading for this product and now I know clearly about it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh! What luxury when it comes to making coffee, all the Jura machines have the claris water filters as well so you don’t even have to put filtered water in your machine…it is a much healthier way to drink espresso with all the copper and impurities filtered from the water.

  4. Best cup of coffee yet. Good Latte’s and Cappuccino’s too. I use mine several times a day and it has been flawless. I love this machine. We have owned this machine for over a month now and have been more than satisfied.

  5. For the last year I have fought with our Keurig. Trying to find the right drink of choice but watching money go down the drain, as we one after the other threw the single serve cups away is driving me crazy. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but instead of running a kettle of water for tea, I have fallen trap to the variety of tea options. Maybe I can convince our family to invest in this for next Christmas! Are you able to make other hot drinks?

    • You can do just hot water or just frothy milk so we can make hot chocolates for the kids with the milk which they love.
      It would be a great Christmas present!

  6. I love this product! Thanks for an amazing review. I’ve seen many products similar to this before. And I’ve also seen some on the streets where people try to make this for a living. I would love to try this for personal use. My loved ones would definitely like this. Technology really makes our life easier. By the way, do you know where I can buy this in a cheaper price? I am planning to buy 2 or 3 of this.

  7. In addition to the great features you mention above, your readers might also find it interesting that the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.

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