Healthy banana-berry ice cream in a minute!

I thought it might be nice to start my first post with a quick and easy recipe. We had this for afternoon tea today. It is an easy way to get some healthy goodness into my kids and they think they are getting a great treat. Best of all it only takes a minute.


2 frozen bananas

1 cup frozen berries of your choice

1/4 – 1/2 medium sized avocado

1 – 2 tsp natural yoghurt, coconut yogurt or kefir (this adds probiotics which are great for gut health)

1 tbsp chia seeds – you can leave these out if you want a smoother texture but they add extra goodness.

2 tsp coconut oil (optional)

1 tsp Nutra Organics Super greens + reds powder (optional)

1 tsp Nutra Organics Acai berry blend (optional)

Add all ingredients to food processor. Process in 10 – 15 second spurts, scraping down sides each time until you get the desired consistency. Make sure you don’t process it for too long as it will melt and lose the ice-cream texture. This made enough for 5 smallish serves or 3 decent ones.


You can really use any combination of ingredients that you like in whatever quantities you like. We also like bananas, coconut cream and raw cacao for a choc banana flavour.

We sometimes add baby spinach too!


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