Natural beauty products that I love

I love the saying “If you can’t eat it then don’t put it on your skin”.

While there is some debate about how much of what you put on your skin actually reaches your blood stream, one look at the ingredients label of any conventional beauty product and you will find a long list of chemicals that I personally wouldn’t want to risk putting on my skin, let alone absorbing into my blood stream.

To be honest, I can’t see why anyone would go to the effort of eating a clean diet and then slather a load of potentially toxic chemicals on their body. Plus, the natural products are so much nicer and often can be made from household products making them cheaper too.

I am going to give you a list of some of the natural products that I have been using for a while and loved as well as some newer ones that I have been testing out. I will throw in some DIY options too so that hopefully this can fit everyone’s preferences and budgets. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end of this post where you will find some great discount codes so that you can try some of these products for yourself.


For a while I have been using raw honey as a facial cleanser. It is cheap and 100% natural and was really lovely on my skin.

I have also been testing out the Vanessa Megan Petitgrain Cream Cleaner which I have loved. Initially I thought the lemongrass scent would be overwhelming but it wasn’t at all. I loved the softness of the cleanser and the way it made my skin feel. I will be restocking this one once it is finished. You can find the Vanessa Megan range at Nourishing Hub or Beautiful Because. I have a discount code for you to use on all of the lovely products in these stores.


I am a bit slack on the exfoliating but I did pick up a Miiisel face and body scrub at some markets in Brisbane recently. It definitely brightened up my skin, smells gorgeous and made me realise that I need to exfoliate more regularly! Luckily I now have the Luminessence face scrub from Illuminate Bodycare which is divine!

Vanessa Megan does an exfoliating cleanser if you want to kill two birds with one stone.

For a DIY face and body scrub you can’t go past this super easy and heavenly smelling coffee scrub from Alexx Stuart or this delicious chocolate one from Sonia at Natural New Age Mum.

Moisturisers and other lovely bits

I have been using the Rosehip Plus range for a while now and it has definitely made a difference to my skin and my wrinkles! There is a day and a night moisturiser and also a Rosehip oil that you can use underneath. They are all very natural smelling and light on your skin and are now a regular in my bathroom cupboard.

I have also been testing the Illuminate Bodycare moisturiser and eye cream and I have loved those too. The moisturiser is very light and not at all greasy and the eye cream is just gorgeous and really works! I have never been one to bother with a lot of beauty products but I have been applying this religiously morning and night and have definitely seen results. This one is a keeper!

Vanessa Megan’s night cream is a beautiful rich but non greasy night time moisturiser that has a light fragrance and feels beautiful on my skin. I have also been testing the resurrect anti-aging serum which is lovely too.

For a cheap but very effective moisturiser, coconut oil is absolutely perfect for your face and body. I keep a separate jar in the bathroom so I am not sticking my fingers in the one I use for cooking! This is also great on any little rashes or bites. Jojoba oil is beautiful too and may be a better option for anyone who finds coconut oil too much for their skin.

I love face masks but rarely remember to use them. The DNA Elements Silica face mask from Nourishing Hub is really lovely though and after testing it out I am going to make more of an effort to use it more often.

Here is a recipe from Simone at Nourishing Hub for a mask that you can make yourself from clay.

Make up

Anyone that knows me knows that my make up skills are way under par and I have only used eyeliner and mascara for many years. I have tried a few of the eyeliners from the range available at Beautiful Because and really can’t fault any of them. I like the INIKA one as it comes with a sharpener but have also used the Lavera and the Ere Perez ones and have liked them all.

My favourite mascara is the Ere Perez natural almond oil one that I buy from Beautiful Because.

In my efforts to properly research for this post I have ventured a bit further into the world of make up and have tested the mineral foundation and also some eyeshadow from Illimunate Bodycare. I have to admit, I am now converted to using these products – they really do make a difference and I can’t feel them on my skin at all which was always part of my issue with using foundation. The foundation provides some sun protection too which is a bonus for slowing the character lines! I tried the cream eye shadow which was surprisingly easy to use and to wash off at the end of the day. Another one that I will be sticking with!


I don’t ever wear lipstick but I do like a natural colour on my lips and my favourite option by far is the Luk lip colour which I buy from Nourishing Hub. It feels beautiful on and looks really natural.

I have also been trying the Beauty Bite lip gloss from Beautiful Because. It is gorgeous and shiny and I have been using it on top of the Luk one. There is a great range of natural lipsticks too if you prefer a more solid colour. Did you know that regular lipsticks contain lead? It really is time to switch to a natural option if you haven’t already done so.

The Rosehip Plus oil also comes in a small roll on which is a really nice lip conditioner. For a lip balm that is great for both adults and kids I love Hurraw. It comes in a range of delicious flavours.


Aluminium and other chemicals in regular deodorant are a risk that is really not worth taking. It has taken a while and many different brands to find a natural deodorant that actually works well. The Miessence one is nice and I used that for a long time until I discovered the Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant paste from Beautiful Because. This deodorant lasts all day long through anything. I also love this Earth Minerals natural magnesium deodorant from Louise at The Yogi Tree. I use the citrus one and it smells divine. I like to use this one when I am at home to give my skin a rest and it has the added bonus of magnesium which is extremely important for both physical and mental health and absorbs well through the skin.

A few more DIY recipes:

Here is a gorgeous homemade Body Butter recipe from Iwa at Additive Free Bites and a Magnesium Body Butter Recipe from Sonia at Natural New Age Mum.

Sonia also has 6 DIY beauty recipes using fruit. Cheap, easy and delicious!

Some discount code so that you can give these products a try:

Nourishing Hub – Use the code NOURISHED for 15% off.

Rose Hip Plus – Use the code Nourished for 20% off and free delivery.

Illuminate Bodycare – Use the code NOURISH for 15% off.

The Yogi Tree – Use the code deonourish for 20% off.

Beautiful Because – Use the code ECO_BEAUTY10 for 10% off (until October 31st) and free delivery for orders over $39.

Please note that these codes are time limited.


What are your favourite natural beauty products?

Or do you have a great DIY recipe to share?



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6 thoughts on “Natural beauty products that I love”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am am determined to replace all my make-up and skincare for natural and organic. I already use RosehipPLUS and love LUK lipsticks. I have been dabling in mineral make-up and like a small Australian brand I have found called Momma. Now I am going to check out some of the others you have recommended. So important to be aware of what we put on our skin and educating our girls on this too. Wish I knew when I was young what was in my skincare and make-up!!

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