Healthy hummus

Who doesn’t love some hummus for dipping those crackers or veggie sticks? Hummus can be a very nutritious snack. It contains protein and fibre as well as some important vitamins and minerals including folate, vitamin A, vitamin B6, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc.

Unfortunately, many packaged hummus dips contain some pretty unhealthy additives. I have been checking out the ingredients on some popular brands and this is what I found:

Antioxidant 320 known to cause headaches, DNA damage, wheezing, asthma, insomnia, fatigue, depression and hives. It is a recognised carcinogen and is suspected in respiratory, endocrine, skin, liver, immuno and neuro toxicity. It is prohibited in foods for infants. This is often found in the canola oil used and us not always listed in the ingredients.
Preservative 202 (potassium sorbate) linked to liver damage, behavioural problems, asthma and should be avoided if you have kidney or heart problems.
Preservative 211 (sodium benzoate) known to cause hyperactivity, asthma and behavioural problems.
Anti caking agent 554 linked to Alzheimer’s disease, nerve damage, bone diseases, kidney damage and neurotoxicity.

Make your own additive free hummus in a few minutes: in a blender or food processor add a tin of chickpeas (drained but save the liquid), 2 – 3 tbsp hulled tahini, 2 – 3 tbsp lemon juice, 1 clove garlic, 1/4 tsp salt. Whiz until smooth then add in small amounts of the liquid from the chickpeas (or you can use water) until it is the consistency that you like. Adjust the ingredients to your own taste. So much tastier and healthier than the store bought versions.

How do you like to eat your hummus?

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  1. Have you ever tried making it with other beans like cannellini? I’m wondering how much it would change the taste.

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