My family’s favourite bolognaise

I have been asked by several people to share the recipe for my bolognaise. This is such an easy recipe and a great way to add in extra veggies and it is a good budget friendly meal. I always make a huge batch and freeze several portions for nights when we need a quick and easy dinner. The sauce would also be great on baked potato, rice or cauliflower rice.

I am going to write up the recipe for the giant batch that I usually make because that it how I know the perfect quantities but you can make smaller batches and just adjust accordingly. It still works with slightly different quantities of all the ingredients so feel free to use your imagination!

This recipe works best if you simmer it for as long as possible as the flavour is richer and the veggies are less visible (perfect for those who need hidden veggies) but I have also made it in less time. I usually make it on a day that I can get it cooking around midday and leave it simmering until dinnertime.


2 kg mince – I prefer beef but it works with chicken, pork, lamb, turkey or a combination of any of these. Use the best you can afford. Grass fed/free range is preferable.

3 x 700 ml bottles tomato passata. Check the ingredients – it should contain only tomatoes and salt if possible.

140 g tomato paste

1/2 – 1 cup bone broth (optional but adds extra nutrition and is great for gut health)

1 brown onion – diced

4 cloves of garlic – crushed or diced

1 large carrot – grated

1 large zucchini – grated

1/2 red capsicum – finely diced

6 – 8 button mushrooms – diced

1 – 2 handfuls of baby spinach – roughly chopped (leave this out if you really need to disguise the veggies and then try adding it in once they love the bolognaise)

4 – 5 bay leaves

salt, pepper, oregano and basil to taste (I use quite a lot of oregano and slightly less basil but do what works for your taste buds)

small amount of coconut oil/ghee/cooking fat of choice

Optional: a good sprinkle of turmeric, 1 tablespoon dulse flakes


In a large pot on medium heat add the coconut oil and fry the onion until soft, add garlic and stir until fragrant.

Turn heat up to high and add in the mince to brown.

When mince is just cooked through add in the veggies and stir through.

Add in all of the rest of the ingredients and stir thoroughly.

Bring to the boil and then turn the heat down to a simmer.

Cover the pot with lid and leave to simmer for as long as possible, stirring occasionally and tasting to adjust the seasoning as necessary.

In the last half hour remove the lid or tilt it slightly so that some of the liquid can reduce down to the thickness you like it. Stir occasionally.

Remove several portions and store in containers in the freezer.

Serve with zucchini pasta for grain free/paleo or pasta of your choice.

This is one that was cooked for about 5 hrs and made with the full quantities as listed above. I have also sprinkled this with nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour and extra Vitamin B12.

bolognaise with zucchini pasta

This one was made using 1 jar passata, a bit more bone broth, 1 kg mince and cooked for 2 hrs. See the difference in the texture and colour. But still tasted great!

bolognaise with zucchini pasta

If you want to sneak in even more vegetables you can stir through some vital veggie powder before serving.


* To make zucchini pasta, use a spiraliser or vegetable peeler to make the zucchini into pasta shape. Saute in some olive oil on low heat with a clove of garlic crushed and stirred through. When slightly softened, remove from heat and serve immediately. Delicious!

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6 thoughts on “My family’s favourite bolognaise”

    • Some vitamins would be but not all of them. Some are heat stable and others aren’t. Also some of the water soluble vitamins will leach into the liquid and since it all still stays in it would still have nutrition in it.
      Cooking for a shorter time will still destroy some vitamins but it will be much more chunky and won’t work for those kids who need their vegetables really hidden!

      It also tastes WAY better when cooked for longer 😉

  1. Great recipe! How much is a ‘cube’ of bone broth in cup or ml measurement? thanks 🙂

    • I don’t know but it is literally an ice cube – I freeze the broth in an ice cube tray.
      But I have used more in this recipe and it is still good. The more broth the better!

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