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On the weekend I had my son’s 5th birthday party. I do not believe that birthday parties have to be additive filled, sugar overloaded events where children go home to have meltdowns and other additive related issues. Nor do I want to deprive my children of a party filled with yummy treats and an event that their friends will enjoy.

This was the menu for Sunday. The party was after lunch so I did not need to worry about making anything too filling. I tend to stick with similar items whether catering for children or having a family party with more adults present and will bbq some additive free sausages and make some salads if it is over lunch time. I have never had a complaint about the food or lack of some standard party items from children or adults!


DSC_1215 I made two batches of Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes and one batch of Caramel Cupcakes. I always make tiny cupcakes so that they are small enough for little hands and mouths and both kids and adults can eat a few of them which still only equals one large cupcake. For this party I iced some with a dark chocolate coconut cream ganache and the rest with a basic butter cream icing. I usually avoid butter cream because of the high sugar content and opt for a dairy free white chocolate ganache instead but the dairy free white chocolate was out of stock everywhere!

DSC_1204 For colouring I use Hoppers food colours which are made from natural ingredients and Hoppers hundreds and thousands and sprinkles which are also free from harmful additives. Because this was a Star Wars party I decorated half of the cupcakes with these cute rings! The kids loved them.

Bliss Balls

DSC_1205 I made some basic bliss balls in plain and chocolate flavours. Keep these in the freezer until just before the guests arrive.


DSC_1209 This is by far the best tasting popcorn ever! And it has hidden veggies and healthy fats to satisfy hungry children!

Hummus, veggie sticks and crackers

DSC_1208 Homemade hummus takes 5 minutes to wizz up the morning of the party. Cut up whatever veggies you like. This time I just used carrots but celery, cucumber or capsicum works well too. Plain Sakata rice crackers are there for the non-veggie eaters!


DSC_1212 DSC_1213 DSC_1210

I always have at least 3 different types of fruit cut up into easy to handle pieces.

Birthday Cake

DSC_1202 My standard birthday cake recipe these days is a caramel sponge cake. The caramel flavour comes from the coconut sugar. This was a star wars lightsaber cake and was iced with a traditional buttercream icing and coloured with hoppers food colourings. The grey for the handles was done with activated charcoal and the stripes are painted on using melted dark chocolate and a paint brush! The tiny buttons are Organic Times gems which are free from harmful colours.

For drinks I only serve water and have never had a child complain about the lack of juice or cordial which are totally unnecessary.

This year instead of lolly bags I gave out inflatable lightsabers and the kids had the rings from the cupcakes. I did not hear a single whinge about not getting lollies!

We also base our parties around some form of entertainment. This year we had Luke Skywalker come along! Last year it was a Ninja Turtle and my oldest daughter had her party at gymnastics. If you can afford it this means that the kids are entertained for 1 1/2 hrs and therefore the party does not revolve around the food. The kids get to run around and expend some energy before eating. It is also much easier for me and I get to chat to any parents that hang around!

Lets share these ideas and hopefully the concept of junk filled parties will become a thing of the past.

I would love to hear what you do for birthday parties for children or adults. Leave your ideas in the comments section below.



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    • Thanks Brenda!
      The kids are perfectly happy with this food. No need to fill them with junk!

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