Additive Free Tip – bacon and ham

Did you know that bacon, ham and other deli meats contain nitrites and nitrates (249 – 252)? These are known to cause asthma, headaches, stomach upset, nausea and dizziness. They are prohibited in foods for infants. When I eat them I feel exhausted and my body feels drained and heavy. How can your mind and body possibly function well with these substances in it?

These are the substitutes we use in my house.. Prosciutto di Parma contains only pork and salt. It is delicious cooked or straight from the packet. I buy it at Aldi but have heard that it can be found at some Coles and Woolies. The Springbrook Valley all natural ingredients also has no additives. It is found in Coles and Woolies and is great for wraps or sandwiches. Be careful they also sell an organic one but it has sodium nitrite in it.

Nitrate free bacon can be bought from some health food shops. It is very expensive but worth it if you can afford it! Some butchers will also make nitrate free ham and bacon – ask around near you.

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