Additive Free Tip # 4. Asthma sufferers beware..

Asthma sufferers beware – dried fruit could be making your asthma worse.
Dried fruits contain the preservative 220 (sulfur dioxide). This is what helps to maintain the bright orange colour of dried apricots and make other dried fruits look more attractive.
Other effects from 220 include anaphylaxis, nausea, diarrhoea, destroys vitamin B1, bronchitis and suspected developmental, liver, respiratory and neuro-toxicity. It is prohibited in foods for infants.
Also avoid 221 – 228.
If you do suffer from asthma 220 is found in a large range of foods unfortunately including wine! You can buy preservative free wine in some bottle shops – yay!
Buy organic dried fruit (Woolies has the Macro brand). It doesn’t look as appealing but tastes the same and can make a HUGE difference to your health.

Have you noticed negative effects from dried fruit?

Is there something else that affects your asthma?

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