My name is Monique. I am a clinical psychologist and mum to 3 beautiful young children. I also have a post graduate diploma in nutritional medicine for mental health and am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Health. Our house is gluten, dairy, additive and refined sugar free (and mostly grain free too) and I have personally been gluten and dairy free (except goats milk products) for over 14 years to manage Crohn’s disease. We also use all natural cleaning products (for us and the house!). Before starting this new way of eating I rarely set foot in the kitchen and didn’t know how to bake anything that didn’t come out of a packet. Now I make most things from scratch and love it!

My other interests include reading, yoga, handstands and aerial silks. I love a good vampire story and can’t get by without dark chocolate. In my clinical work my main area of interest is the treatment of trauma and trying to bring trauma-informed care to the public mental heath system.

Welcome to my page about joining the worlds of psychology and nutrition to create a happier, healthier life for yourself. Please read my post: Hello World! for more detailed information about me and how I got to be The Nourished Psychologist!



BA (hons) Psychology and Theatre Studies. UNSW

Master of Psychology (clinical). UNSW

Post Grad. Dip. Nut Med. (Mental Health). Health Schools Australia

Doctor of Health Candidate. UTAS


ABN: 76991977062

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  1. Hi Monique,
    Love your Facebook page! Could you please tell me how I go about setting up an appointment with you? Do you do phone/email consultations as I live 6 hours outside Sydney?
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Julie,
      I do phone or Skype consultations or could do email if you prefer. Have a look on this blog under Work with Me – personal consultations to see the options and use the contact me option to arrange it or email on monique@thenourishedpsychologist.com
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Dear Monique

    Secondly I am very keen to do the 4 phase elimination protocol. However I have Hereditary Hemochromatosis but was not diagnosed until I was 40. I am currently 51. I dont smoke, dont drink and take as little medication as possible save for chronic back pain only on days that I cannot stand up straight..lol in which case I use as many holistic practices as possible rather than any medication. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 9 yrs ago, however I believe this condition is an end result of high inflammation in one’s body. Due to the HH I started menopause at 32 which is common for women with this disease, but finished at 47 and the last 3 yrs has seen me put on nearly 30 kilos so that I now sit around the 95/100 kg mark and cannot for the life of me shift the bulk of the weight. I can do about 8/10 kg’s but thats it! I have never been a heavy person until recent times and whilst I understand why its happened I still have no luck in shifting the weight. I have a fatty liver due to the HH and I have inflammatory arthritis from HH, whilst I have some osteo of other joints/knees & spinal osteo/degeneration from old back injury. My question is would this protocol be safe considering the HH and above info?
    I look forward to your reply


  3. Hi Monique , I hope you don’t mind my comment on your posts . I am a naturopath ( BHSci ) and also was diagnosed with Pyroluria over 20 yrs ago , and work with lots of pyrrole sufferers.. I found this site and thought how wonderful your explanation of pyrroles is 🙂 I collaborate with a psychologist in meadow bank – it is just so great that this disorder is now being recognised by psychologists like yourself – fabulous work 🙂

  4. Hi Monique,
    I’ve really enjoyed coming across your page today (following a recipe link that someone I follow on Facebook posted). I am an Advanced Accredited Social Worker, currently in the process of being accredited as a Mental Health Social Worker and also undertaking my final year in Clinical Family Therapy. I am very encouraged by your page and concept, as I have been on a personal journey of health and nutrition (sparked by chronic health condition) and very interested in the connections between all aspects of our wellbeing. I am increasingly curious about the role of nutrition in my counselling work, and interested in developing skills in utilising this area.
    I am interested to know about where you are studying, and whether there are any networks or peer groups you know of who journey together with the combined interest of mental health and nutrition? Feel free to email me if you would prefer to answer privately.
    Kind regards,
    Jess Killeen.

  5. Hi Monique
    I loved your website. approach and all the information. I am interested in complementing my psychology training and would love more information on the post-graduate training in nutritional medicine, specialising in mental health.
    Thanks for creating a site that has fabulous information.
    My best wishes

    • Thanks Roslynne!

      The only training specific to mental health is through health schools australia.
      There are many general nutritional medicine courses too.


  6. Hi Monique,
    I am a psychology student in Northern NSW. I am currently in my honours year and am about to embark on my thesis. I am very interested in nutrition and psychology, in particular the psychology between “dieting’ for weight control versus leading a healthy lifestyle and respecting your body at its natural weight. In January this year I began removing refined and processed foods from my diet. I was wondering if you have published or co-authored any papers that might be interesting for my thesis 🙂 or if you could point me in the direction of any papers you have found to be interesting in recent times 🙂 thank you so much for your help 🙂
    Megan Lee

    • Hi Megan,
      I haven’t written any papers on that area and it isn’t my area of specialty.
      I am sure you will find some great research if you do a literature review.
      Good luck with your thesis. Sounds like a great topic.

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