Having trouble sticking with healthy habits?

It’s well past New Year now and I am wondering how many New Years resolutions have been kept?  I don’t tend to make them myself but there is something nice about setting intentions for the year ahead.

Obviously intrinsic motivation is the best way to make and maintain changes but when I spoke to Jay from Promise or Pay about his accountability system I was quite taken by it and think it would be a great idea for many people. It can also benefit your favourite charity so everyone wins. If your New Year resolutions have fallen by the wayside or you are having trouble sticking with something long enough for it to become a habit then this might be for you.

I asked Jay to share his tips for a healthy lifestyle in case you need some inspiration:

Little Things You Can Do to Foster a Holistically Healthy Lifestyle

We are increasingly exposed, through friends, conversations, and the media, to the many benefits of living a life based around wellness. We are also, as a society, grasping more fully the downfalls and risks of not choosing to embrace a more holistic way of life. From feeling over-stressed and never attaining that sense of joy in life, to facing common health problems including skin issues, chronic fatigue, and digestive problems, neglecting your wellbeing actually makes life more difficult!

It’s time to embrace holistic living and to experience the life you want to be living. Don’t feel like you are unable to make changes, don’t make excuses. You can do this. The trick is to start with small steps and then let your transformational journey unfold from there.

Here are little things that you can do to foster a holistically healthy lifestyle and to enjoy all the benefits that come from moving in the direction of wellness.

Creating Space – For Your Mind

You need space in your life to keep all your valued possessions, and you probably make a daily effort to keep your home and the items in it organised, clean, and well-maintained. What about your mind? You also need to create mental space to let your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and intuitions exist freely without the chatter of the outside world, and to foster a greater understanding of your inner self.

Set aside time each day for meditation or yoga. Even if it is five or ten minutes a day to start, you will notice a great difference in how you feel. You’ll be calmer and more aware. Taking the time to either sit peacefully or move through yoga poses, clear your mind, and concentrate on the breath is one of the most powerful ways to work towards a healthier, and less stressful, lifestyle.

When you do this you’re not just taking a pause from your hectic lifestyle. Research shows that you are literally improving your brain wave patterns, allowing you to stay more focused and enhancing your ability to cope with pain and stress!

Commit to Healthy Cooking

In order to feel great, you need to nourish your body. As simple as this sounds, it is challenging in the fast-paced modern era. Convenient, ‘fast’ meals have become the norm for many. Often, this way of eating relies upon pre-packaged, overly processed foods that are lacking in nutrients or loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.

Take care of your body by making a promise to cook healthy meals. This doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen or an expensive grocery bill. Think simple and fresh. For example, try tossing greens with sesame seeds, seared tuna, fresh tomatoes, and feta cheese for an incredibly delicious and healthy salad – in ten minutes! Make healthy soups and stews by simmering beans, vegetables, and herbs. Once you add your ingredients to your pot or slow cooker, you are free to enjoy your life while your food cooks. The best part is, you can make enough for two or three meals for later in the week.

Get Enough Sleep

You will love this tip for creating a more holistic lifestyle – rest! Your body needs eight hours of sleep each night in order to heal and rebuild. Your cells are actually doing a lot of work while you rest at night – don’t short change them! Make a commitment to getting enough sleep and you will notice how much better you feel each day – and even how much more you can get done because you aren’t struggling to feel energised and alert!

Make a promise to yourself to do these three simple things and you will be well on your way to living a healthier, holistic lifestyle. To keep yourself on track and to stay inspired, you can always use an accountability system like Promise or Pay. By announcing the changes you are going to make to the world, it is a lot easier to follow through and turn your desired personal transformations into regular habits. Promise or Pay also throws in some socially responsible accountability – if you don’t live up to your promises to yourself, you commit to giving to the charity of your choice. So even a ‘mistake’ becomes something positive for the world.

Good luck with your journey!


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